10 and 5 interview

I was interviewed by Nikki Zakkas from 10and5.com for their December ” Inclusive holiday menu” where I was one of “5 South African foodies” to share their fave recipes and memories. “One of the most festive times of year is here, and party food is on the menu. In the spirit of celebration, we chat

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Food Politics and Cultures Festival

My second piece of food-related art… I made a series of photographs called “ORIGINAL EATING UTENSILS” for Food Cultures & Politics Festival at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. The festival was created by the Food Cultures & Politics Project which focuses on human relationships to food. Their work aims

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I will be doing a talk as part of the Street Food Festival in Johannesburg. The topic is “Reducetarianism”. Here is the final program for the talks. MC: Nyiko Chauke 11:00 – 11:20 – CHIPS! Lightning Talks feat Lee-Ann Orton & Uno de Waal | OSTERIA VINCENZO 11:20 – 11:40 – Gary Smith | MYFOODGARDEN.CO.ZA | Agri-entreneurship development 11:40

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My first piece of food-related art… I made this sculpture called “LEFTOVERS” for Berlin Food Art Week 2017. The theme of the week was “VS MEAT”. The sculpture is made from clay, resin and perspex, and comments on the dumping of American chicken in South Africa. Leftovers is now on its way to Bologna Food

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fields mag

South African Human Rights Commissioner Pregs Govender on seed ownership: Wild Food Innovator Roushanna Gray on coastal foraging: For more information visit: Fieldsmag


bubblegum club

This article appeared online: Words: “Eat less meat. Eat more plants. Try new things. Be adventurous. Be curious. And learn to cook if you can’t.” These are the words plant-based chef and designer Parusha Naidoo left me with after our interview about her vegan cooking classes and pop up events. Johannesburg-based Parusha has taken the

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sunday times

This article appeared online and in print… Words: Parusha Naidoo is a vegan chef and designer based in Johannesburg who combines her love for food and art in her creative projects. She tells us more A vegan is someone who does not eat meat, fish or poultry and does not use any animal by-products such as

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polish vegan

Exciting hands-on cooking class where you’ll learn to make Polish dumplings (pierogi) and fruit vodka. What you’ll get from this class: * Three demonstrations for fillings/recipes * A hands-on element of making pierogi * Demonstration on how to make fruit vodkas * Eating, relaxing and enjoying pierogi and vodka! Na zdrowie! Cheers! * Recipes to

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vegan food tour

Start 2017 off by eating your way around Johannesburg! Sample lots of tasty dishes, learn where to shop for special vegan ingredients, meet-and-greet other like-minded people who love delicious, plant-based meals… Or if you’re just curious, get inspired to think laterally about vegan food possibilites. Places along the route are: *Conscious108 *Free Food *Elemental Cafe

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vegan basics cooking class

In this class, on the 15 November 2016, students will learn to make summer rolls, buddha bowls and more! Presented by yours truly and hosted by Conscious 108. The class will have both a demonstration and a hands-on element. There will be 3 dishes demonstrated and 3 dishes that you will get to make yourselves,

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paradise pop up

pop up lunch paradise

Parusha’s Plant-based Pop Up Paradise at Spaza Art Gallery… Experience palettes of colour, plates of flavour, in a magical art gallery cum wild garden setting… Parusha is a local vegan chef and designer who spent over a decade in London and Berlin. She lives in Johannesburg and combines her love for food and art in

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why go vegan

why vegan

People are at times curious about why I went vegan… To share that information, I’ve decided to create this post with reasons and links to short films that have made veganism make sense to me… It’s a working document and I will keep adding to it over time… But here it is so far… Background: I grew up

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type and touch

This is an upcoming tactile art and cookingclass on 7 September 2016 in Johannesburg. The details are on Facebook here. Type, touch and taste Paint wild words Get your hands messy Play with your food Eat with your hands What you will do in this class: * learn basic typography principles * create hand-lettered artworks

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mood & aphrodisiacs

This class teaches a basic introduction to brain chemicals and how to alter them using regular and fermented foods. It is a very tactile class where students make different dishes using their hands. Get in touch if you’d like to do it as part of a media agency day out, hen/stag party, private home lesson

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sushi summer rolls

sushi and gỏi cuốn

The vegan sushi and gỏi cuốn (summer roll) class can be separated or done together. They are very tactile, fun and the end result is delicious. Get in touch if you’d like to do it as part of a media agency day out, hen/stag party, private home lesson or as part of a course I

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pesto pasta

pesto pasta

This a non-traditional pesto and fresh pasta class. The pasta is really fresh! It is made using a spiraliser and zucchini. Students have a great time in this lesson and are at first very surprised that it’s not traditional pasta they are learning to make. And the pesto is made without parmesan, but some say

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chocolate bombs

This is a very tactile class. I’ve taught it many times. The chocolates are made from a dark chocolate and coconut cream ganache, nuts and dried fruit. Students are able to create their own chocolate pralines in flavours they use. Get in touch if you’d like to do it as part of a media agency day out,

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avocado toast

This is a simple, quick, tasty and cheap meal to make, especially in Paris, where I am at at the moment… French bread is sacred here. And baguettes, especially, are not expensive in this city compared to everything else. Until the late 70s, the price of bread was regulated by law and today there’s still

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spice route

This Pop Up Dinner took place on the 28th of May 2015 / in a cave at The Tempest Inn, Brighton, UK. It was a collaborative meal I created with my cousin Shanthi Perceval Govender. A five course meal for 30 people inspired by our heritage and interest in the anthropology of food, and remixed through

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basic curry base

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe… But here there is a formula – think in units of one: (1 onion and 1 tsp of each of all the rest)… And think in threes (the first three – onion, garlic, ginger. Then the next three – cumin, turmeric and chilli). The idea is this: Don’t complicate

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i called it chakalaka

At first, I did it just for fun. Then people loved it and I loved it. So it continued. It started with bunny chows and then exploded… I saw it as a way to play with the idea of multiculturalism on a plate. It evolved from a single plate to a buffet of different traditional

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how it began

At some point while living in London then Berlin, I got homesick… so I started cooking… I think after around ten years of being away the pull back hit hard. First, I fought it with spices and smells and flavours that soothed me through triggering memories I had of my childhood in family homes in Durban and Cape

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post sonar

This dinner took place on the 22nd of June 2015 in a transformed photographic studio near El Raval in Barcelona for 14 people. It was designed as a recovery meal (after the madness of the Sónar Barcelona music festival) to boost the mood and balance the body… And ease the guests back into reality. This

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neurogenesis tea

Generating new brain cells is a possibility. For anyone who like t’ drrrink… this is a very comforting fact. Years of reckless abandon can be counteracted with sleep, sunlight, sex, meditation, exercise and, lastly, diet… The body can repair itself given the opportunity! This recipe combines ingredients that are all good for neurogenesis, enhancing memory,

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foraged vegan

On the 5th of December 2015 and the 16th of January 2016, I collaborated with my dear friend Roushanna Gray and did two “Foraged Vegan” pop up events.. Vegan chef meets wildfood innovator serving up a fresh, healthy and delicious menu inspired by South African foliage and food for an intimate crowd. We told our

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carrot sambal

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe… This sambal/salad is something that generally accompanied all curries when I was growing up. It’s an acidic juicy palate cleanser that cools you down between spicy bites of deliciousness… You can turn it into a probiotic healing salad by using apple cider vinegar instead of other

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