carrot sambal

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe…

This sambal/salad is something that generally accompanied all curries when I was growing up. It’s an acidic juicy palate cleanser that cools you down between spicy bites of deliciousness…

You can turn it into a probiotic healing salad by using apple cider vinegar instead of other vinegars. Great for fat burning and gut health! 

You will need:

about a bag of carrots, grated
1 tomato, cubed
a couple of radishes, chopped finely
a handful coriander, chopped
a handful of mint
about half a cucumber, in cubes
a sprinkling of mustard seeds
lemon juice

(traditionally there’s also about half an onion chopped finely BUT while living in Berlin and cooking for people from other places, I learnt that raw onion in salads is not a popular option all over the world!)

Throw it all together and there-wa! That’s the Durban Indian (and my grandfather Ronnie’s) way of saying “there you are”…