10 and 5 interview

I was interviewed by Nikki Zakkas from 10and5.com for their December ” Inclusive holiday menu” where I was one of “5 South African foodies” to share their fave recipes and memories. “One of the most festive times of year is here, and party food is on the menu. In the spirit of celebration, we chat

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fields mag

South African Human Rights Commissioner Pregs Govender on seed ownership: Wild Food Innovator Roushanna Gray on coastal foraging: For more information visit: Fieldsmag


bubblegum club

This article appeared online: Words: “Eat less meat. Eat more plants. Try new things. Be adventurous. Be curious. And learn to cook if you can’t.” These are the words plant-based chef and designer Parusha Naidoo left me with after our interview about her vegan cooking classes and pop up events. Johannesburg-based Parusha has taken the

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sunday times

This article appeared online and in print… Words: Parusha Naidoo is a vegan chef and designer based in Johannesburg who combines her love for food and art in her creative projects. She tells us more A vegan is someone who does not eat meat, fish or poultry and does not use any animal by-products such as

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why go vegan

why vegan

People are at times curious about why I went vegan… To share that information, I’ve decided to create this post with reasons and links to short films that have made veganism make sense to me… It’s a working document and I will keep adding to it over time… But here it is so far… Background: I grew up

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i called it chakalaka

At first, I did it just for fun. Then people loved it and I loved it. So it continued. It started with bunny chows and then exploded… I saw it as a way to play with the idea of multiculturalism on a plate. It evolved from a single plate to a buffet of different traditional

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