why go vegan

why vegan

People are at times curious about why I went vegan… To share that information, I’ve decided to create this post with reasons and links to short films that have made veganism make sense to me… It’s a working document and I will keep adding to it over time… But here it is so far… Background: I grew up

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i called it chakalaka

At first, I did it just for fun. Then people loved it and I loved it. So it continued. It started with bunny chows and then exploded… I saw it as a way to play with the idea of multiculturalism on a plate. It evolved from a single plate to a buffet of different traditional

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Me and cheese go back… Way back… An intense love affair from the start. I’ve never met anyone who does what cheese does to me. He’s got that great combination of being unique with the umami, a little acid but not too much, gentle creaminess, and a sweet and salty edge… those layers of flavours and textures.. Make

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