avocado toast

This is a simple, quick, tasty and cheap meal to make, especially in Paris, where I am at at the moment… French bread is sacred here. And baguettes, especially, are not expensive in this city compared to everything else. Until the late 70s, the price of bread was regulated by law and today there’s still

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basic curry base

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe… But here there is a formula – think in units of one: (1 onion and 1 tsp of each of all the rest)… And think in threes (the first three – onion, garlic, ginger. Then the next three – cumin, turmeric and chilli). The idea is this: Don’t complicate

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neurogenesis tea

Generating new brain cells is a possibility. For anyone who like t’ drrrink… this is a very comforting fact. Years of reckless abandon can be counteracted with sleep, sunlight, sex, meditation, exercise and, lastly, diet… The body can repair itself given the opportunity! This recipe combines ingredients that are all good for neurogenesis, enhancing memory,

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carrot sambal

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe… This sambal/salad is something that generally accompanied all curries when I was growing up. It’s an acidic juicy palate cleanser that cools you down between spicy bites of deliciousness… You can turn it into a probiotic healing salad by using apple cider vinegar instead of other

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