Me and cheese go back… Way back… An intense love affair from the start. I’ve never met anyone who does what cheese does to me.

He’s got that great combination of being unique with the umami, a little acid but not too much, gentle creaminess, and a sweet and salty edge… those layers of flavours and textures.. Make him so complex and deep and desirable.

I assume most people have a fond cheese memory. Mine involves Margherita Pizza, throughout the eras. Since childhood, Margherita’s cheesiness has been more than addictive. I especially love that point where you bite into a slice and have to pull your face away to severe the tie. That point where there’s a long strand of stretchy cheese that connects you to your Margherita Pizza slice… It only lasts a moment but it’s my favourite, the point just before you jerk your head… like you’re an animal on the hunt, it’s a primal attack. You on the Pizza. You break away, snap it into separation and then quickly slurp the string of melted cheese into your mouth… As if it’s alive and wants to escape, this must be done with speed.

Vegan cheese substitutes are the bomb… Stretchiness is a real possibility. And that umami, acid, creamy, sweet, salty collaboration in your mouth needs only a little creative use of these ingredients: miso paste, nutritional yeast, onion powder, garlic powder, fermenting grains to make rejuvelac, agar agar, creams of cashew and macadamia… This is only the beginning… If you don’t know what these things are yet… it is the future!

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  1. looking forward to this

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