hank vegan burger

hank vegan burger

This place has been on my hit list since before I landed in Paris. It looked really good in the photos, and in real life it didn’t disappoint. The layout is quite similar to Le Tricycle’s. You order downstairs and then climb a narrow staircase on the right that leads to a dense dining area. They have one big table downstairs and a counter with two seats. But when it’s busy, like today, the shop is too packed to sit at the counter and unfortunately all the seating upstairs was taken… so I got a takeaway. It was a shame not to get a seat but the busy-ness did fill me with confidence at the quality of the food. HANK, stands for Have A Nice Karma and the shop is committed to ethical cuisine. It’s an organic plant-based burger joint, with graphic styling, cool decor and it’s a bustling, tasty spot that appeals to everyone. I had La Catcheuse (the wrestler) – homemade veggie steak, with mustard sauce, alfalfa, plant-based cheese, lettuce, red onion, pickles and tomato, wedges and a fair trade, organic cola! It was all delicious! Seriously highly recommended.










hank vegan burger cola

Website: HANK vegan burger
Location: 55 Rue des Archives, Paris
Opening hours: Everyday from 12pm-10pm