raw cakes

This cute cake shop just opened up a month ago in Paris. Its owners Julian and Andrea are very passionate about vegan food (raw vegan in particular). Everything on offer is homemade in their kitchen nearby, from the tasty cakes to the bread on the burgers. It’s a light, airy, pastel coloured spot. Ideal for

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avocado toast

This is a simple, quick, tasty and cheap meal to make, especially in Paris, where I am at at the moment… French bread is sacred here. And baguettes, especially, are not expensive in this city compared to everything else. Until the late 70s, the price of bread was regulated by law and today there’s still

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un monde vegan

un monde vegan

My favourite purchase from this all vegan supermarket was faux gras. In the picture above, I ate it with mini toasts and onion marmalade and cherries. It was absolutely delicious! This supermarket is a little heaven filled with organic soya, vegan cheese substitutes, non-dairy milks, fake meats, pastas, spreads, jams and everything your little heart will

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le tricycle

I found lots of lovely pictures of Le Tricycle on the internet while doing my research about vegan restaurants in Paris. It seemed really cool and inspired with its hip hop themed hot dogs with names like Snoop Dog and Dogter Dre. And bowls of rainbow vegetables and plantain. And the young and beautiful owners

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marche d’aligre

It’s a beautiful neighbourhood market, between Bastille and Gare de Lyon, with stalls outdoors and indoors selling fruit, vegetables, some prepared food, plus there’s a bric a brac fleamarket in the middle. I went wild on the tomato purchases. The variety is unlike I had ever seen before. Recommended for food shopping in Paris, if

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wild & the moon

Magical indoor forest meets beautiful interior design, with its white tiles, wooden tables and abundance of plants dangling from the ceiling. A beautifully put together space and menu, a vegan and gluten free cafe/juice bar with a big table at the back to sit and work at. Wild & the moon seems to attracts hordes of stylish, health-seeking tourists

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las vegans

It’s a vegan sweet snack bar that serves some savoury salads too. This is the spot to satisfy sugar cravings and get a take away en-route elsewhere. Donuts and ice cream seem to be the highlight here with some smoothies and fruit juices on offer too. There are a few wooden tables outside and no

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african market

It’s a amazing multicultural area in Paris, with a mix of people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East with shops and stalls selling fruit, vegetables and food products from mainly French-speaking African countries it seems. I bought two different types of flour, and a vegetable I’ve never seen before… I’m hoping to make hybrid

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loving hut

I tried the Vermicelles du Paradis (Vermicelli of Paradise), above, which was delicious and seemed to have a Vietnamese flavour to it. (Or maybe “Berlin Vietnamese” since that’s the only Vietnamese I know and I’ve been told that what you find in Berlin is not what you find in Vietnam). This dish was made up of soya strips,

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spice route

This Pop Up Dinner took place on the 28th of May 2015 / in a cave at The Tempest Inn, Brighton, UK. It was a collaborative meal I created with my cousin Shanthi Perceval Govender. A five course meal for 30 people inspired by our heritage and interest in the anthropology of food, and remixed through

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basic curry base

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe… But here there is a formula – think in units of one: (1 onion and 1 tsp of each of all the rest)… And think in threes (the first three – onion, garlic, ginger. Then the next three – cumin, turmeric and chilli). The idea is this: Don’t complicate

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i called it chakalaka

At first, I did it just for fun. Then people loved it and I loved it. So it continued. It started with bunny chows and then exploded… I saw it as a way to play with the idea of multiculturalism on a plate. It evolved from a single plate to a buffet of different traditional

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