how it began

At some point while living in London then Berlin, I got homesick… so I started cooking… I think after around ten years of being away the pull back hit hard. First, I fought it with spices and smells and flavours that soothed me through triggering memories I had of my childhood in family homes in Durban and Cape

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post sonar

This dinner took place on the 22nd of June 2015 in a transformed photographic studio near El Raval in Barcelona for 14 people. It was designed as a recovery meal (after the madness of the Sónar Barcelona music festival) to boost the mood and balance the body… And ease the guests back into reality. This

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neurogenesis tea

Generating new brain cells is a possibility. For anyone who like t’ drrrink… this is a very comforting fact. Years of reckless abandon can be counteracted with sleep, sunlight, sex, meditation, exercise and, lastly, diet… The body can repair itself given the opportunity! This recipe combines ingredients that are all good for neurogenesis, enhancing memory,

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foraged vegan

On the 5th of December 2015 and the 16th of January 2016, I collaborated with my dear friend Roushanna Gray and did two “Foraged Vegan” pop up events.. Vegan chef meets wildfood innovator serving up a fresh, healthy and delicious menu inspired by South African foliage and food for an intimate crowd. We told our

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carrot sambal

In all my recipes there is no exact recipe… This sambal/salad is something that generally accompanied all curries when I was growing up. It’s an acidic juicy palate cleanser that cools you down between spicy bites of deliciousness… You can turn it into a probiotic healing salad by using apple cider vinegar instead of other

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Me and cheese go back… Way back… An intense love affair from the start. I’ve never met anyone who does what cheese does to me. He’s got that great combination of being unique with the umami, a little acid but not too much, gentle creaminess, and a sweet and salty edge… those layers of flavours and textures.. Make

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